Campus Ambassador Registration

Dear Applicant,

'Great Power Comes with Great Responsibility'- this quote is not just a line. To make you realize the truth & beauty of this quote, here is the chance of being “Campus Ambassador” of your Campus for the upcoming grand event, NSTUMUN 2018.

As a Campus Ambassador, you’ll have some responsibilities; those are following-


1. Encouraging the students of your institute to participate in NSTUMUN 18.

2. Making the students of your institute to know about NSTUMUN 2018 and making a fair promotion.

3. Being responsible about sending the information and payment of the delegates from your own campus.


1. You have to be a regular student of any Institution.

2. You must not be involved in any antisocial or anti-governmental activities.

3. You must face a viva voce over skype/phone to be finally selected as a Campus Ambassador.

If you can manage 10 or more delegates from your Campus, you will be rewarded with Full Free Scholarship in NSTUMUN 2018.

If you can manage the highest number of delegate from your campus than all other Campus Ambassadors, You will be awarded as Best Campus Ambassador Award.

Deadline: 11:59 pm, 10th January 2018

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