Our History

Noakhali Science & Technology University Model United Nation Association (NSTUMUNA) is the most active organization in the history of NSTU. This student based organization works for the creative improvement of NSTU students following the concepts of United Nation Assemblies. It works to increase the students’ volunteerism, creative efficacy and sensible thinking. It has active, energetic and dedicated members to promote the concept of Model United Nation and its practice in Bangladesh. It arranges workshops, mock sessions and different brain storming activities not only in NSTU but also in the entire coastal region. The members of this organization participate in different MUN conferences around the whole country. The first delegation of 5 members participated in DUNMUN 2013. Before the formation of the club, more than 9 delegates participated in two more MUN conferences at CUMUN 2015 & JMUN 2015. With a lot of hope and a dream the club was formed with 8 members named NSTUMUNA.

The first official delegation of 21 delegates under the club supervision participated in CUMUN 2016 and won two awards with incredible success. One was Best Delegate Award which was won by Fatema Tuj Anwar Bristy, the founding president of the club and another was Outstanding Delegate Award which was won by Mofasser Haider Bhuiyan, first General Secretary and former president of the club.

The two biggest events which were successfully completed by NSTUMUNA were firstly Intra NSTUMUN 2016 which was held with more than 100 students’ participation from its own university of Noakhali Science and Technology University. It was held during 5th-7th of May 2016. Therefore the second one was exactly after one year which was a national event during 4th to 7th May 2017 with participation of more than 200 students from more than 30 educational institutions.

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