Recruitment Process

Recruitment Sessions are generally managed by the running Governing Body once a year. Online Form is launched and applicant willing to be a member of NSTUMUNA has to apply via online form. After applying if selected, an applicant has to go through three steps; MCQ Test, Group Discussion and Viva Voce. If an applicant successfully passes those steps, the applicant is given appointment letter and the applicant is officially appointed as a member of NSTUMUNA by reciting Oath.

According to the Constitution of NSTUMUNA there are some conditions to be a member of NSTUMUNA and there are some conditions as well to be terminated.

Membership Assumption Conditions

1. Applicant has to be a regular student of NSTU.

2. Applicant must obey all the Clauses and Articles of the constitution of NSTUMUNA.

3. Applicant must apply and go through a recruitment process

4. Recruitment process will be held by the authority of the Governing Body as needed.

Membership Annulment Conditions

1. If any member violet any clause or article of the constitution of the organization.

2. If any member becomes related with any antisocial work or become doomed for any charge brought against him/her.

3. If any member fails to pay the fixed amount of fee 6 months at a stretch.

4. If any member attend no general meeting in 3 months.

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